Game City Trade F.A.Q.

Trade Guidelines

As a general rule, we do not accept: Multiple copies of the same game or same game system traded by the same customer. Unopened merchandise (unless a receipt for the original purchase is presented). Games or systems with non-Canadian region codes. Fire damaged items. Accessories with frayed cords or exposed wires. Defective accessories, consoles, handhelds or software. Items which prompt for a serial number (other than Nintendo handhelds), but no serial number is present. No dealers.

Hardware exclusions include: Consoles with parental controls that can’t be removed. PS Vitas with cracked screens or severely scratched screens. Handheld Systems that will not power on with the charger plugged in. Systems known to be modified. Hardware with severe cosmetic damage to the extent of being clearly un-repairable, or to an extent that clearly renders it ineligible for resale (i.e. severe or unsightly scratches, cracked cases, exposed internal components). Systems infested with insects or any other creatures. Systems with pornographic or vulgar stickers. Systems with specific cosmetic identifiers and/or systems that show signs of tampering.

Software exclusions include: Discs that are cracked into the data layer or chipped, warped, dented, broken, or has holes in it. Burned, pirated, or counterfeit games. Multiple copies of the same game. Cartridges with disfigured or missing labels, or that are mislabeled. Multi-disc games wherein all required discs are not present. Kinect: If the movable neck on the device is cracked or broken in any way Cracked, broken lenses or cameras on the unit.